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A new versatile cellulose fiber to complement cotton and viscose

Our fiber

Responsible resource stewardship enabling a competitive offer

A process designed for low environmental footprint

Portrait of Lars Stigsson

The story behind the innovation

TreeToTextile started as a research project in Sweden, exploring new, better, and scalable ways to dissolve cellulose. This was initiated by the Research Institutes of Sweden (RISE) and brought to life by the entrepreneur Lars Stigsson’s vision to use cellulose to revolutionize the textile industry.

Together with the industry leaders H&M Group and Inter IKEA group Lars founded TreeToTextile, later joined by Stora Enso. The shared mission was to provide a unique cellulose fiber through innovative technology and ensure its scalability to textile suppliers and brands globally.

Today, we carry on the legacy of Lars, turning his idea into reality. Join us as we uncover the inspiring tale of innovation, sustainability, and the cellulose fibers that are shaping the future of textiles.

Better fibers to all.

Our fiber

Our fiber is a pure cellulose fiber, meaning that it is made from natural raw materials and is bio-based. Amongst other characteristics, the fiber has a natural dry hand-feel, semi-dull luster and high drapeability. It can serve as an alternative or complementary material to cotton, viscose, and polyester, proving useful both in its pure form and when blended in both textile and nonwoven products.

The fiber characteristics

Natural dry hand-feel

Semi-dull luster

High drapeability

Are you interested in our fibers?

We are developing and validating our fiber in various applications. Drop us an email to get in touch and don’t forget to follow us on our social media channels.

Next up

Our commercial journey has just started. Come meet us, feel the fiber and hear about our progress firsthand.

CIRFS Conference

Brussels, Belgium

ITMF Annual Conference

Samarkand, Uzbekistan

Textile Exchange

Pasadena, California

28-31 October


Third place in Cellulose Fiber Innovation of the Year 2024

TreeToTextile was awarded third place in the Cellulose Fiber Innovation of the Year at this year's Cellulose Fiber Conference in Cologne, Germany.

New R&D Center at GoCo House, Mölndal

It is with great satisfaction that we have inaugurated our new R&D Center at GoCo Health Innovation City, a significant move towards advancing sustainability in the textile industry.
Roxana Barbieru presenting in front of a crowd.