Growing demand for a sustainable textile fiber

The global textile industry of today faces complex challenges. Challenges that affect all aspects of the industry and are intertwined with the state of our planet. One of the challenges is the need of more sustainable and fossil-free materials.

As the global population increases, the need for alternative fibers that meet the demands of good sustainability, performance and low cost, will increase even further. Textiles made from cellulose has the potential to be one of the answers, as it can be used both as an alternative and a complement to cotton and synthetic fibers.

TreeToTextile’s goal is to deploy new technology for textiles made from cellulose and make it accessible for textile suppliers and brands around the world.

A new sustainable textile fiber at an attractive cost level

The TreeToTextile technology is a new innovative chemical process – using renewable forest raw material and regenerating the cellulose into a textile fiber by spinning the dissolving pulp.

The process uses less chemicals, allowing for a more sustainable and cost-efficient process compared to conventional technologies and fibers. There are no sulphur emissions during the production and the water and the chemicals used are recycled and reused.

The innovation is still in development, now we are ready to scale up the production, with the aim of bringing the fiber to the market.

A new company built on a joint venture

”How can we accelerate the development of a more sustainable and cost-efficient fiber for a broad market, and by that democratizing sustainable textile fibers?”

United by this game-changing question and the effort of trying to find an answer – H&M Group, Inter IKEA group, Stora Enso, and LSCS Invest teamed up and created TreeToTextile. The purpose of the company is to develop and industrialize a new innovative man-made cellulosic fiber technology that will provide textile fibers with good sustainability performance at an attractive cost-level.

The aim is to make sustainable textile fibers available to all

TreeToTextile is built on a common vision: Better textiles in harmony with nature, to all. By combining the entrepreneurial spirit of Lars Stigsson, the cellulose expertise of Stora Enso and the customer and textile knowledge of H&M Group and Inter IKEA group, TreeToTextile has created the possibility to put a new sustainable textile fiber on the market.

We believe that the mix of competence and the global size of our owners gives us a unique opportunity to make an impact on the textile industry. For the benefit of the planet and everyone living on it. Our aim is first and foremost to honor our own visionary statement, but also to inspire and catalyze new game-changing innovations and collaborations.