Our vision

We at TreeToTextile have the ambition to play a significant role as a game-changer in the textile industry. Our vision is Better fibers to all. We have an exceptional opportunity to reduce the environmental footprint of the textile and nonwoven industries and contribute to achieving net zero with our unique, low climate impact technology and fiber.

Our values

Our core values define who we are, how we work, what we can accomplish, and how we want to be perceived. We actively work with our core values as the foundation of our existence in all aspects of our business.

We are a purpose-driven company, guided by the principle of always doing the right thing for the planet, the people, and the business. This includes, for example, acting as role models, maintaining a high level of risk awareness, and focusing on value-creating tasks and goals.

We are known for challenging the industry as forerunners in sustainable textile fiber innovations, and we lead in everything we do. Our key characteristics are that we are self-assured, curious, and professional.

We work with others to achieve our vision and make a positive impact on the planet’s climate. This means that we collaborate both internally and externally, that we value diversity and different ideas, and that we appreciate and trust others.

Open positions

We post all new positions on LinkedIn. If we don’t have any openings that fit your profile, you can always contact us at

As a growing company, we have limited resources supervising thesis or dissertations. For general R&D inquiries contact Åsa Östlund, PhD.

Connect with us

We are always interested in connecting with talented individuals who share our vision and who want to be part of changing the industry.

Send us an email if you can’t find a current open position that suits you, but still want to connect.

Meet our team

The TreeToTextile team is made up of hardworking individuals who want to make a difference in the world’s textile industry.

We are a professional team of specialists, scientists, and operators who work in a positive work environment to achieve our mission of providing Better fibers to all.

Portrait of Mergin Shartari

How does it feel to work at TreeToTextile?

We are a diverse team, which means we have access to a wide range of experiences and knowledge in the workplace. We learn from one another, discuss, test, and evaluate various problem-solving approaches so that we can achieve our common goals by maximizing the use of everyone’s skills. While growing together, we benefit from each other’s strengths.

Megim Shartari
Process Operator

What made you apply to TreeToTextile?

Since graduating from the Textile University of Borås over 20 years ago, I have been involved in quality and sustainability issues in the textile industry in different ways. This involvement has continuously pushed me forward and provided me with insight into many aspects of a complex value chain.

TreeToTextile has developed a unique fiber technology with low environmental footprint, and an appealing combination of fiber properties. Being able to affect change from the start of the value chain with this new technology struck me as a “once-in-a-lifetime opportunity” that I couldn’t pass up.

Ida Alnemo
Head of Application & Sustainability

Portrait of Ida Alnemo
Portrait of Jonas Engström

What is the best aspect of your work?

Not two days are the same! My work is a fantastic blend of theory and practice, solo and teamwork, chemistry and mechanics, with focus areas ranging from the molecular level to ton-scale raw material handling. I am constantly learning new things from those around me, but I can also help others learn more about my areas of expertise. All of this means that my work is challenging, evolving, exciting, and enjoyable!

Jonas Engström, PhD
Senior Technology Specialist

Personal data processing – recruitment

TreeToTextile AB, org. no. 556989–2648, Box 190 101 23 Stockholm (“ TreeToTextile ”) is the person responsible for personal data for the personal data processing described in this policy.

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Whistleblowing policy

Do you have knowledge of a wrongdoing conducted in relation to TreeToTextile’s, org. nr. 556989-2648 (”TreeToTextile”) business? Could the wrongdoing be considered of public interest?

If so, you may use our internal reporting channel for making this wrongdoing known.

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