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The global expansion of the middle class is leading to a challenging increased demand for cotton-based products such as apparel and home textiles. To meet this challenge, our innovative man-made cellulosic fiber (MMCF) offers a more sustainable solution. It provides a texture similar to cotton without utilizing actual cotton fiber.

TreeToTextile offers a staple fiber for textile and nonwoven applications. We focus on how we can reduce the environmental footprint of the textile industry with a unique fiber production technology. In our technology process, bio-based cellulose is used as raw material. Currently, the raw material comes from certified responsible forestry. In the future, the cellulose could come from recycled textile waste, or other cellulose-containing materials like agricultural side streams.

Our process was developed with a clear intention to improve the current MMCF processes. Not only by optimizing existing conventional methods but by redesigning the whole process. The chemicals used have a low environmental footprint and the process has a high chemical recovery rate. Therefore, the environmental footprint of the TreeToTextile Technology process is exceptionally low.

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